A Look At Professional SEO Services

SEO or search engine optimization is a well known phrase that many marketers use when it comes to selling digital marketing services. This is for a good reason since SEO is one of the best ways to market your business and get new customers on a daily basis. If you’re not too familiar with different types of digital marketing or you’re unsure of the type of professional SEO services that are available and how they can benefit you, then be sure to continue reading.

Why Should You Do SEO vs Paid Ads?

Many business owners find themselves pondering this question since both of these approaches require a budget. However, SEO is superior simply because once you are ranked highly in the search engines, you can completely stop doing SEO or spending money on it and you will still receive traffic and get new customers for many months and even years. Of course, you should never completely stop all your SEO efforts once you achieve your desired rankings, but simply switch into maintenance mode which costs a lot less. On the other hand, with paid ads, you have to constantly pay for traffic. When you stop paying for ads, your traffic will immediately drop to zero, which means that you can only get traffic by paying directly for it. Also, depending on your niche, how much you spend on SEO can possibly be a lot less than how much you’d spend on paid ads.

The Different Types Of SEO Services

There are many agencies that offer professional SEO services and one of the best ones is WebClimb. This agency offers services such as site audit and analysis, local SEO, link building, keyword research, rank reporting etc. Each one of these services are critical in order for the rankings of your site to improve and we will now take a closer look at some of them.

Site Audit & Analysis

This is by far the most important task that needs to be done, since without it, the SEO would be literally shooting blindly. In order to know what SEO tasks need to be done, the entire site needs to be analyzed to determine whether it is over optimized, under optimized, well optimized, if there’s a penalty etc. So, for example, if a site is over optimized and the analysis or audit was not done to determine this, then the SEO might start building links with optimized anchors. Since the site is already unknowingly over optimized, the optimized anchor texts would likely lead to a penalty where the site would lose a significant portion of its rankings and traffic. So, a site audit is extremely important and it should not be skipped.

Link Building

High quality backlinks are essential to the success of any website. If you simply build a site without any links, then this site will most likely not get much traffic or improved rankings. Backlinks transfer power and link juice from other sites to your site, which increases its rankings. It is best to get good backlinks such as guest posts, infographics, resource page links and other outreach links.


To wrap things up, we have just looked at the importance of professional SEO services when it comes to improving your site’s organic rankings and traffic. These type of services are an investment in your business which will pay off and keep paying off for years to come.

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