Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Labor Lawyer

The majority of people spend almost one third of their lives sleeping, and even more shocking, most people spend another third of their lives working. Even though these statistics may sound unpleasant to some, it is a fact that one-third of a person’s adult life will be engaged in helping to further the financial goals of their employer)s). These are goals that may or may not be in alignment with the individual’s personal goals. However, if their workplace situation becomes unpleasant, they may consider hiring the services of a labor or employment lawyer.

So, if you believe that you are being treated unfairly on your job, have been unlawfully terminated or you are experiencing workplace harassment, you should know that you are not alone. You can hire the services of an experienced labor lawyer to see how they can help you.

With all of this mind, there are several issues or subjects that you should address when you are meeting a labor lawyer for the first time.

How Does The Lawyer Communicate With Clients?

Although you do not want a lawyer who will act as a therapist, you do want a legal representative that you feel comfortable talking to. They should be easy to reach via email, phone or text. The lawyer should give you regular updates in regards to your case.

It may be unrealistic to expect your lawyer to contact you every day, but they should be in contact with you at least once or twice in a two-week period. If there is a lot of activity going on surrounding your case, you should hear from the lawyer or their assistant a few times a week.

Using A Private Investigator

An investigator that is experienced and skilled can help to dramatically increase the value of your case. A licensed investigator that is competent will use electronic databases to search for people who are related to case so they can conduct interviews.

Ask every lawyer you meet with if he or she uses the services of a private investigator. If so, ask when will the investigator be included in the case. It is best to get the investigator involved as quickly as possible so when any complaints are filed, you will not be left facing any surprises.

Full Disclosure

Every relationship you have should be built on trust, even the relationship that you have with your employment lawyer. He or she needs to be assured that you have reported every incident in a completely accurate and relevant way.

For example, if you are asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime, and you answer untruthfully, it could affect your otherwise solid case. This means that if you have had prior legal or criminal issues in the past, bring them up before your attorney discovers these issues during a background check. Do not wait until you are about to give a deposition.

These are a few issues that you should bring up when you are looking to hire a labor lawyer. By being proactive during your case, you will be stay updated on the progress of your case and can ask important questions along the way.

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