App Marketing 101 – Basic Yet Detailed Steps To Take From Launch Forward
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Are you an app developer? Many people skilled at these types of ventures and trying their hand at developing new apps. Others get involved, ideas start flowing and apps start flying. Yet there is one more important step for you to take, and it’s all about advertising. What you do in regards to advertising needs to be layered, and you’re going to find out why as well as what to do.

First, apps are an extremely popular niche market that has exploded to huge proportions. There is an app for everything they say. The point here is that where you start is with your own niche website. You’re going to start your venture with an Internet presence that greases the wheels for a trip that ultimately results in plenty of organic traffic and downloads.

Once you get that ball rolling, it is time to also simultaneously have a plan for direct marketing in a variety of ways. Essentially, you’re going after people to get them to click until they have downloaded the apps. There are many ways to do that, and one of them is by way of social media. With a niche website, you can now brand yourself on social media sites. Be careful about your wording because you’re trying to carry successful branding forward. You can’t get lazy about social networking, and you need to learn as much as you can about social media marketing.

Social media marketing also deals in organic traffic, so you don’t just want to start pouring money into campaigns. Be aggressive, read tips on sites like, but don’t get impatient. Now, you are going to need to address one thing that deals with your initial launch. You will have the wheels discussed and others in motion when it comes to a full scale advertising plan. Yet when it comes to marketing your apps, the launch needs to be addressed on an individual basis.

The reason for this is you need a boost upon launching your app. The same goes for publishing eBooks on Kindle and getting views for site content. In a sense, you’re trying to launch your app to make it go viral, on whatever inflated level you can attain. You will always get more sales at the very beginning, which can propel you to even more sales right as the organic traffic starts pouring in and your social media presence builds up. Don’t forget that you might also want to attach an email marketing or even an SMS campaign.

What you have to do is plan out each move to advertise for your launch. You need quick action, and as a person who has published something myself, I urge you to reach out to family and friends to rally around you. They won’t let you down. Aside from that, think about what options you have. How big are your personal social media accounts? What are your cheapest options for pay per click advertising?

Ratings are also important. It’s not just about sales and downloads. Your dealing with a flooded market no matter what niche you choose, so you’re going to have to put your game face on. The other steps are more self explanatory, but the launch is critical to the success of an app. Whatever creative ways you can think of to advertise for less saves you from a more substantial investment in initial downloads. After all, at some point, no matter the flooded market, your apps have to speak for themselves.

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